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Why Choose CHS?

C.H.S has been delivering pro style training camps to athletes of all levels since 2000 and has developed a reputation as the best fully inclusive pro style training camp about. (Click here for some of our fantastic testimonials).

"Amazing cycling where all the pro teams train, fantastic weather and training conditions , superb purpose built accommodation & great home cooked food !"

Unlike hotel based tours near the busy main roads, C.H.S operate out of a luxury complex in the mountains right in the middle of all the main cycling routes in this area. (Click here to see our superb facilities).

Many of our clients return year after year, proving we run a fantastic week full of great riding and everything one could want to feel like a pro training in the sun!

First Class Accomodation

Training starts with rest, and we go to great lengths to ensure you get the best night's sleep possible so you're all set for the day ahead.

Fuelled by Home Cooked Food

You only get out what you put in! Here at CHS, we know how vital it is go get good, nutritious food. We ensure all our dishes are locally sourced and prepared right here in our home. No shortcuts, no surprises.

On-site Workshop

Whether it's a quick fettle or a more substantial job, we've got the equipent and space for you to work on your pride and joy. As cyclists ourselves, we understand the value and pride we invest into our machines.

Approved by the Best

Providing cycling training camps is what we do, and we've done it for some of the best riders in the world. We have also been reviewed by the best magazines in the world, most recently by Cyclist magazine in 2016 to a glowing report.

Our Facilities

Our first class facilities ensure your stay is as productive off the road, as it is on the road. From the moment you wake up to a home made breakfast of fresh foods, to the moment you step off the massage table after a day on the bike, we cater for your every need in a relaxed and professional environment.

Pool & Spa

Combine a beautiful mountain retreat, a superb spa and pool area, a wood burning Finnish sauna and a fabulous pool to ease away sore and tired legs and you have the perfect recipe for recovery

Gym & Turbo Area

Built specifically with your needs in mind, our new gym facility is the ideal place to work off the bike, but also a great retreat for a spin session should the weather close in, with our range of Elite Turbo Muin trainers.

Garden & Chill Zones

There are so many lovely places to sit and unwind after a hard day's training. Relax by the pool or the many fish ponds, or simply take the hammock under the fig tree.

Games Room & Cinema

When you just need to socialise and blow off steam, rack up the pool balls or get comfy in front of the home cinema with your fellow riders. There's always space for everyone to unwind, however they choose...

Support Cars

When you're on the road, you're never alone. Nozad and his team will always ensure there is a support car with your ride to carry food, spares and even give you a car seat if it all simply gets too much, so you can always be confident that assistance is never far away...

Tennis & Basketball

Just in case you hadn't expended enough energy on the open road (shame on you) we have tennis courts and basketball hoops right on our doorstep. So if you're looking for that final dose of exercise, we've got you covered.

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